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It's written right-to-left over the gate.


I had a great plan to start work early in order to take a two-hour lunch break to get some solo throwing and agility training in. The previous weekend I had discovered that Heiwanomori park now has a turf multi-use field that is open to the public, with a few nets that I could throw into. Unfortunately, now that the state of emergency was in effect, that field was closed. They used to have a big grass field, but it's under renovation.

Frustrated and pressed for time, I found another park on the map and headed up to it in hopes of at least having some space to do my agility workout.

On the way, I passed by a couple of temples, of which this is one. I would have loved to explore a bit more, but I just took one shot of this gentleman walking in and moved on.

Published Apr 12, 2020

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