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I'm not sure what's weirder, the little table for two or the creature on the telephone pole.


きょうづか - a sutra mound.

On the project page I noted that one of my goals with this is to force myself to dig back into my photo library and find pictures of shrines and temples, cleaning up and finding other gems along the way. Each post will take me further back in time.

Of course, if I take new photos of shrines or temples, I'll probably write about those first. I'm curious as to what the rhythm will be like. Will it be two steps down, one step out? You might imagine that during the quarantine, I would find fewer new shrines, but I disagree. I've found myself with far more leisure to wander down new alleys and pathways (though somehow still in a rush).

The other question I have is how many posts I might write a day. These feel like they'll be brief, so I could conceivably line up a few and take other days to dig into the meta-work of familiarizing myself with the tools for publishing and laying out this site. I've written two posts today, for example.

Published Apr 14, 2020

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