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Are the inscribed names local community members? Priests? J-pop idols?


A few weeks earlier, the first time I was using my new weight lifting rack at home, I had forgotten the golden rule: do unto the weights on the left side of the barbell as you do unto the right. Gravity punished me for breaking the rule by shattering the wheels of my TV stand. Gravity was actually quite kind, since it could just as easily have broken the TV itself, or injured me.

Shattered caster wheels.
The weird little head thing had been hiding underneath the TV stand for uncountable years.

Long story short, after trying out a few different fixes, I picked up some supplies to MacGyver the TV stand and popped in for a closer look at this shrine on the way back. 天祖 (the characters for "heaven" and "ancestor") is a relatively common name for a shrine. At least, it seems that way to me since there are a bunch of them on Google maps. The name seems to refer to the gods who are ancestors of the imperial line. Hopefully one day I'll dig in further than a cursory Google search. Another potential outcome for this project.

Published Apr 20, 2020

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