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Sousenji from behind
Perched atop a hill


My planned workouts were done for the week. But I had started one of those Apple Watch exercise competitions with a friend, and I was just barely ahead. I needed plenty of exercise to get my maximum points for the day and guarantee my win, but didn't really want to do anything high impact that would affect my workouts for the next week.

So I decided to take a bike ride along the Arakawa river. I'd ridden downstream once before, but never upstream. I was also secretly hoping to see some people throwing a frisbee around and get a few throws in myself, but no luck. Unsurprisingly.

On the way back, there was this incredibly imposing temple sitting at the very top of a hill.

One day I will learn what these round tower-type buildings are for.
Perched atop a hill

It has a number of cool buildings and features, none of which I have any sort of vocabulary to describe appropriately. I linked to the wikipedia article for this temple, but it's a bit too dense for me to get through before work.

Oh, and my watch ran out of battery halfway through the ride. I ended up losing the competition.

Published May 17, 2020

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